The passenger, flying from new York to Florida, discovered coronavirus

The passenger, flying in the aircraft of the airline JetBlue from new York to West palm beach (FL), were positive for coronavirus. This writes the Business Insider.

У пассажира, летевшего из Нью-Йорка во Флориду, обнаружили коронавирус

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114 passengers on Board the JetBlue flight 253 that landed at about 21:00, remained on the plane for nearly two hours after landing and waited for information from the local representatives of the health sector.

“Passengers near this patient, it was recommended to monitor his condition, said doctors. – The rest go home, they had to call the local office and report this situation.”

Passenger Scott Rodman said that he was wearing a mask and gloves. His wife was sitting in the same row with him and told others that he feels bad. She said he received a phone call with my test results right before departure”.

The JetBlue representative Derek Dombrowski said: “the Health and safety of our customers and crew is our top priority. We ask clients who feel unwell or are concerned that they may have the coronavirus, not to fly as long as they are not allowed to travel with the doctor or medical worker.”

“Our crew has done an incredible job in coordination with the health authorities. After public health officials allowed the passengers off the plane, we conducted a thorough disinfection of the ship in accordance with the guidelines of the CDC. And still did the sanitation of common areas in both the active terminals. We will continue to work closely with health officials and to provide them with any additional required information,” said the airline.

The JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes said that the outbreak of coronavirus and the subsequent sale of tickets “probably worse” than the drop in air travel following the events of 11 September. JetBlue shares fell more than 44% since mid-February, because flight cancellations to affected regions and the new travel bans are detrimental to the entire industry.

The US President Donald trump on Wednesday, March 11, announced a 30-day ban on travel of foreign citizens arriving from most European countries. According to the tracker at the Johns Hopkins University, as of Thursday morning, March 12, in the world was confirmed by the 127 000 cases of infection with viruses in the United States – 1323.

“We continue to focus on security and the measures taken for solving short-term problems and counter the obstacles that we face,” said Hayes.



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