The passenger tried to carry on a plane 200 of live poisonous Scorpions

During the flight from Sri Lanka the Chinese were trying to smuggle hundreds of live Scorpions in your Luggage. He was caught and fined, says Travel+Leisure.

Пассажир попытался пронести в самолет 200 живых ядовитых скорпионов

Photo6 screenshot YouTube video/South China Morning Post

30-year-old man was trying to get 200 creepy insects in your suitcase, which was then discovered by airport staff.

The man obviously was intended to deliver a poisonous insect from the international airport of Colombo Bandaranaike in Guangzhou in southern China.

CNN, citing a notice from the Department of health of Hong Kong, reports that the Scorpions are sometimes used in traditional Chinese medicine for pain relief in muscles and nerves.

The Scorpions themselves were Packed at least seven different plastic boxes. The man who tried to smuggle them released after he paid a fine in the amount of 100,000 Sri Lankan rupees (just over $ 551).

“These Scorpions were collected in several districts of Sri Lanka,” said a CNN representative customs of Sri Lanka Sunil Jayaratne.

“Although poisonous Scorpions are not fatal, they are under protection,” he added.

Пассажир попытался пронести в самолет 200 живых ядовитых скорпионов

Photo: screenshot YouTube video/South China Morning Post

According to the BBC, Sri Lanka, there are about 18 different species of poisonous Scorpions, only one of which is fatal.

Sri Lanka is trying to fight the wildlife trade, but in fact the attempt of smuggling are growing. In June, the network reported that several officials were charged with fishing for elephants and trying to sell them.

The man failed to deliver the Scorpions on a plane, but earlier there were several cases of detection of spiders in the cabin of an airliner. In December aboard United Airlines from San Francisco to Atlanta during the flight, a Scorpion bit a woman, and in February 2019, the same case happened on the plane from Toronto to calgary.

It happened that the Scorpions got out of the suitcases of people and fell from the upper compartments.