The Pentagon, the generals and ex-presidents have condemned trump’s reaction to the protests in the United States

Several current and former leaders of the Pentagon, as well as the former presidents of the United States criticized the reaction of Donald trump in protests over killings by police in Minnesota African American George Floyd. Army generals did not support the decision of the U.S. President to use the army to suppress the protests, BBC reports.

Пентагон, генералы и экс-президенты осудили реакцию Трампа на протесты в США

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The former head of the Department of defense James Mattis, who headed the Pentagon for almost two years in the administration of the trump accused the President that he is deliberately trying to divide society. The General had supported the demonstrators who, in his opinion, advocate the preservation of American values.

Commented on the protests and American presidents Barack Obama, George Bush, bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

“Violation of constitutional rights”

Four-star General James Mattis was the head of the Pentagon from January 2017 to December 2018. He resigned after trump decided to withdraw American troops from Syria. Since then, Mattis almost did not speak about the political situation in the country. But June 3, the Atlantic magazine published his harsh words about the current situation.

“Donald trump is the first President in my memory who isn’t trying to unite the nation. He doesn’t even pretend that trying. On the contrary, he’s trying to divide us. We are now seeing the consequences of its deliberate efforts in this area over the past three years,” said Mattis.

The deaths of African Americans at the hands of a COP sparked mass protests in dozens of US cities.

In some cases, they were accompanied by clashes with police and looting, but this week, according to the correspondent of BBC, the number of exclusively peaceful protests increased. In a number of States imposed a curfew.

2 Jun trump said about the intention, if necessary, to send troops to some States. According to the law Posse Comitatus Act enacted in 1878, the armed forces cannot operate inside the country without permission of Congress. But trump, in his own words, intends to use the act Insurrection Act of 1807 — the last time it was used in 1992 during the riots and looting in Los Angeles.

“It is impossible to imagine that any of our troops would give the order to violate the constitutional right of their fellow citizens,” commented Mattis decision of the authorities on the use of military force. In his opinion, is a recipe for profound conflict between civil and military.

Пентагон, генералы и экс-президенты осудили реакцию Трампа на протесты в США

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He also said that the abuse of power, the witness of which became all of America is unacceptable, and those who mocks the Constitution, it is necessary to prosecute.

Trump called Mattis “overrated General” and has published a number of reports to Twitter, which claims that the resignation of Mattis was not voluntary, the alleged President of the United States himself fired him.

“I didn’t like his management style, and generally a little that meant to him, and many agreed with me. Very glad he is gone,” wrote trump in one of the messages.

In another message, he wrote: “Perhaps the only thing in common we have with Barack Obama that both of us had the honor to fire Jim Mattis, the most overrated General in the world. I asked him to give me a letter of resignation and did not doubt my decision. He was nicknamed “chaos”, but I didn’t like it and I changed it to “mad dog”.

Sam Mattis previously reported that the nickname “mad dog” was awarded the journalists.

Against the Pentagon

Disagreement with the requirement to use troops to quell protests earlier said several current and former leaders of the Pentagon.

On 3 June the Secretary of defense mark Esper stated that his office does not intend to use the army to carry out police functions. According to him, a law passed in 1807 gives the President this right, but can be used in USA only in the most dangerous and critical situations. On the application of the law insisted trump.

Also, the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff General mark Miley reminded military officers that they have sworn to respect the constitutional rights of citizens, including the right to peaceful protest.

“We’ve all dedicated their lives to America and her ideas. We will remain faithful to his oath and to the American people,” wrote Miley.

Ex-presidents also against trump

Several U.S. presidents also spoke about the protests: Republican George Bush, Democrat Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter and bill Clinton said, I think the White house reaction to the protests excessive.

The current protests Obama called the most meaningful of all that he saw in life. The 44th President urged Americans to take the chance and solve the problem that exists in American society.

“Too often the violence used by the people who are supposed to serve you and protect you. I want you to know that you, your life, your dreams are important. We are seeing changes in the way of thinking, understanding that things could be much better,” Obama said.

Obama did not specifically comment on the actions of trump, but urged the mayors to review its policy on the use of force.

Bush called the death of George Floyd shocking failure of the systems that allow racism in the country, and called on his fellow party trump to listen to the protests, instead of pressuring them.

“The only way to see yourself in the real world is to listen to the voices of those who are sad and hurt. Those who are trying to drown out these voices do not understand what America is, and how it can become better,” he wrote in a statement George W. Bush.

Jimmy Carter said that silence is as deadly as open violence.

“The people in power, endowed with privileges and people of conscience must work together to tell a decisive “no” to racial discrimination by the police and the judiciary, immoral economic inequality between whites and blacks, as well as government actions that undermine our democracy,” said Carter.

Пентагон, генералы и экс-президенты осудили реакцию Трампа на протесты в США

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Democrat bill Clinton in his statement said that no one deserves to die the way he died, George Floyd, but the white man in America, a death and non-threatening.

“Why this continues to happen? What we can do to make the police react as expected to the representatives of any community?” — asks Clinton.

He called on the trump to abandon the division into “us and them”, to admit guilt and to take responsibility for remedying the situation.

Protests sparked by the death of George Floyd continued in the night of 4 June in dozens of American cities in spite of curfew.

Basically shares have been peaceful, authorities in Los Angeles and Chicago even weakened controls.

The coroner found that in early April, Floyd had coronavirus, but experts stress that in his death it did not play any role.

Polite people in Washington: appeared in the capital security forces without insignia

The appearance on the streets of the us capital security forces without name badges from Name Badges Australia and insignia gave rise to rumors about private military companies and comparisons to “little green men” since the Russian annexation of Crimea, BBC reports.

Also once the Russian soldiers, they wanted to introduce myself and avoided contact with the press.

In fact, the troops were special forces Federal Bureau of prisons, sent to strengthen security in Washington and Miami by order of the head of the Department of justice.

They were in addition to other employees of Federal agencies on guard in Washington, from the FBI, DEA and immigration services to customs officers and even the police parks.

The law allows Federal officers to serve on the streets of Washington without insignia, but the Democrats in Congress want to prohibit this practice.

Пентагон, генералы и экс-президенты осудили реакцию Трампа на протесты в США

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“Federal assets”

During the political crisis that began with the death of black Americans from George Floyd in Minneapolis, in support of the Metropolitan police were sent detachments of the National guard of the several States.

The national guard is a reserve formation, composed primarily of persons recently held a service and do not require additional training. These units are not part of the regular army. They report to the governors of their States, and the President.

President Donald trump also wants to bring the regular army to the streets of the United States, but these plans are not supported by top army.

In addition to the army, in the US there are dozens of Federal law enforcement agencies, and on 1 June the White house announced plans trump to mobilize more “Federal assets” to law enforcement in the country.

In particular the role Washington has involved units of the U.S. secret service, FBI, police, parks, the office for the fight against drugs, border patrol, the U.S. marshals service and immigration and customs enforcement.

Пентагон, генералы и экс-президенты осудили реакцию Трампа на протесты в США

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“Little green men”

June 2 journalists covering the protests in downtown Washington, noticed dozens of security forces in camouflage uniforms and helmets.

The security forces were not badges, chevrons and other insignia. Some of them refused to answer reporters ‘ questions about his identity.

When the correspondent of the magazine Mother Jones Dan Friedman asked the men in camouflage, to which body they belong, they replied only that “the Department of justice” or “to the Federal government.”

In his article, Friedman compares what he saw security forces with “green men” in Ukraine.

A similar Association was born of hundreds of Americans on Twitter.

“Little green men trump”, — commented on the appearance of the security forces Walter Schaub, who headed the Office of government ethics in the Obama administration.

Others have raised concerns that trump could hire the services of Eric Prince, founder of private military company Blackwater. Prince — the younger brother of the head of the U.S. Department of education Betsy DeVos.

It is with these mercenaries tied up the security forces account of hacker group Anonymous, who has more than 6 million subscribers. But the hypothesis was wrong.

When men in camouflage drew the attention of the reporter of MSNBC, his subscribers know the equipment of special units of the Federal Bureau of prisons.

Observers also remembered that on June 1 the public radio NPR reported, citing a senior official, the head of the U.S. Department of justice William Barr ordered to send these units in Washington and Miami.

In response to the questions of journalists the press-Secretary of the Ministry of justice confirmed that the security forces unmarked belong to the Federal Bureau of prisons.

Пентагон, генералы и экс-президенты осудили реакцию Трампа на протесты в США

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News from the streets of Washington have been met with strong reactions from the opposition and liberal publications.

“We cannot tolerate a secret police in America,” said democratic Senator Chris Murphy.

He’s going to introduce a bill that will make mandatory for all Federal law enforcement agencies to identify their employees in uniform in the line of duty in the country.

Democrats in Congress demanded that he give them information about all the structures that provide security during protests in the capital.

The letter signed by the Chairman of the Committee on justice of the US house of representatives Jerry Nadler and other Democrats addressed to heads of law enforcement agencies in administration of the tramp.

In an interview with the Washington Post former police officers and FBI called the use of security forces without badges dangerous for citizens and for the Ministers of law.

They remembered the killings of the undercover agents that their colleagues were mistaken for criminals, and recent protests against quarantine, which was attended by dozens of civilians with guns and paramilitary gear.

The ordinary citizen it is difficult to distinguish them, as well as private security guards, from police, experts say.


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