The people’s deputies registered a draft law on mandatory cumulative pensions

MPs from the “Servants of people” registered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the draft law on mandatory cumulative pensions. The bill is aimed at improving the living standards of pensioners. It was developed by the national Commission on securities and stock market, and also supported by the departments and ministries.

Нардепы зарегистрировали законопроект об общеобязательном накопительном пенсионном обеспечении

It is reported Today.

According to the bill, Ukraine should be introduced to the pension system the second level. Assistance in development was provided by experts of the European Bank for reconstruction and development, the world Bank and the US Agency for international development.

It is important to note that the second level is the compulsory pension insurance in cumulative form. According to him, every Ukrainian will have a personal account in the Pension Fund, the account will be cumulative. After the departure of a person to retire from this account will be the payment of pensions.

The second pension pillar: employers ‘ contributions at 2% and employees 1%, the threshold is set to a maximum contribution of 9%, the employee contribution can be increased, increased requirements for service providers (monitoring, availability of capital, skilled personnel, etc.).