The people’s Deputy from “public Servants” to embarrass in Parliament

Нардеп от «Слуги народа» оконфузился в Раде

MP Vladimir Tymofiychuk from the party “servant of the people” to embarrass the Verkhovna Rada during a conversation with a journalist. In Facebook posted a video in which the representative of the “Radio Svoboda” people’s Deputy asks the seemingly simple questions. But the MP can not answer them, while does make the odd mistakes.

The journalist approached Timofeyuk on the sidelines with the goal to meet and ask what he did to politics, and why it was chosen party “servant of the people”.

“I raised crops. At home in the Sniatyn district, Kolomoisky (then Deputy made a reservation, but quickly corrected himself)… Kolomiyska the area,” said Tymofiychuk.

And after the question “How was in politics,” the MP began to run away from the journalist in the direction of the courtroom, citing a lack of time.

“DOPOMOGA prezidentov. Nashomu” — evasive said the MP.

In addition, he said that the voter did not promise anything and the bills are not offered.

On the question of what skills, personal or professional, it was included in the team, Tymofiychuk also posted some excerpts.

“Professional… Agricultural… the Farmer I”, — approximately so has heard the answers of the Deputy.

Then he went into the courtroom, where journalists have no access, and promised “later date”.

Online video entitled as “the Deputy Kolomoisky district.”

For reference: the 33-year-old Vladimir Tymofiychuk until the election was a farmer and an entrepreneur native to the Carpathian region — was engaged in the cultivation of grain, and in 2019 was elected on the district No. 89 (Verkhovyna, Kosowski, Snyatyn areas).

The MP recalled the terrible illiteracy, which he made to their texts after getting into Parliament.

Нардеп от «Слуги народа» оконфузился в Раде

And commentators on the network have dubbed Vladimir Tymofiivka “second Gavrilyuk”.

Brother Kozak Gavrilyuk.
In odvarka pokinulo hati rivets more.
What is hard to guess that Gavrilyukov in this Parliament enough.
Kozak Havryliuk. Restart.