The Pie Kingdom building for sale for $1.1 million… but not the business

Pie Kingdom building for sale for $1.1M. .. but not trade


The building where the Kingdom of the Pie is located, at 553 Charest Boulevard West in Quebec City, is for sale at a cost of $1.1 million, but the sale does not concern the trade.  

The owner of the building, Marie-Pierre Simard, wants to continue to operate the business in the premises she renovated before the move of this institution to Quebec City in 2020 . 

Le Royaume de la tarte had been located on rue des Oblats since 1960. Ms. Simard became the owner of the business in 2018 and two years later moved to boulevard Charest. 

En plus commercial premises, the building contains seven apartments.  

“This is not about the Pie Kingdom, absolutely not. I’m not moving again,” said the businesswoman.

“It’s fine, it’s just that I find that I have a lot to deal with. I have a lot of business everywhere. It would be the same if I didn't have it. I have already been contacted to buy the building,” she added.  

“Housing management is a profession in itself. I don't have anyone handling this for me. I'm the one who takes care of it, in addition to everything else.” 

The businesswoman admits having had some difficulty in the past getting paid by tenants who had late rent, but she maintains that everything is back to normal.

“I was tired of that, but now it’s going really well. I have a nice little gang. I have refreshed several homes. There is still work to be done. It's not a building that's young.” 

Test the market 

In addition to the Kingdom of the pie, Ms. Simard owns the bars La broche à foin, in Scott, and Chez Roger bon temps, at the Fleur de Lys shopping center, in addition to a bed and breakfast. She also collaborates with Stephan Dupont at FM 93.  

“I want to go see the market. I may have many other projects on the side and it would be nice to free up some cash. It's nothing precise or clear at the moment.” 

When acquiring the building, the owner made several changes to meet the needs of her business.  

“With Pie Kingdom, I'm proud of what I've done. I rejuvenated the image and we moved into a more visible and easily accessible space.” 

The announcement regarding the sale of the building, which was built in 1900 , has been published in the last few days. According to the City of Quebec, the building and the land are valued at $670,000.  

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