‘The pigeons tired of being a bird’: how a designer from San Francisco playing people

Designer from San Francisco, Pablo Rocha often plays people. For example, in November of 2019, he pitched on city stickers with the image of the Apple AirPods wireless headphones to passers-by tried to raise them. This writes Meduza.

'Голубям надоело быть птицами': как дизайнер из Сан-Франциско разыгрывает людей

Photo: Shutterstock

Now Rocha has shifted from people to birds: designer printed ad with tear-off leaves and the words “Tired of being a bird?” and glued to a street pole. Apparently, the leaves Rocha attached grain. Pigeons flocked on advertising and began to tear the sheets. From the outside it all looks like they really tired to be a bird and wanted to change something in your life.

In the comments under the video, some worried that will not hurt you pigeon paper. In response, other members of the Roche pointed out that the video was just the pigeons to peck the grain, leaving the paper on the ground. Besides, birds can theoretically use this paper to build their nests.



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