The plane flew to Los Angeles due to unruly passenger

Airplane company Southwest Airlines, which was flying from Dallas to Los Angeles, made an emergency landing at the international airport in Tucson, Arizona. The cause was a violent passenger.

Самолет не долетел до Лос-Анджелеса из-за буйного пассажира

Photo: Depositphotos

51-year-old David Broseh had to go to Los Angeles. But after the attack on the passengers of the plane he was in Tucson. He met members of the airport police and taken to jail Pima County.

“Whenever violations occur on Board the plane, notify the LAPD. At the airport we have round-the-clock police,” said Jesse Butler, Director of communications and external relations of the airport.

With her words, they received a call that aboard the plane is a violent passenger in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Despite the fact that the incident is still under investigation, Butler said officials are not sure what Broseh was drunk.

The representative of Southwest Airlines, said that as a General policy, the flight attendants will not serve alcohol to any customer who is drunk.

Brazeau indicted on two counts: assault and disorderly conduct.

Самолет не долетел до Лос-Анджелеса из-за буйного пассажира

Photo: Pima County Sheriff’s Office

According to Southwest Airlines, despite the deviation, the airplane safely continued the flight at LAX.

Every second the sky is more than about 12 thousand passenger aircraft — the demand for air travel is constantly growing. But with the increase in the number of tourists in the aircraft increasingly, incidents occur that jeopardize safe flight. ForumDaily previously wrote about what not to do on Board the ship, and the danger of careless passengers breaking the rules.