The plane from California to Hawaii extra villages because of the smoke: 7 people hospitalized


Seven people taken to hospital after smoke filled the cockpit of Hawaiian Airlines flight, which was heading from California to Hawaii.

Самолет из Калифорнии до Гавайев экстренно сел из-за задымления: 7 человек госпитализированы

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Hawaiian Airlines reports that 184 passengers and seven crew members used the emergency stairs to exit the plane after he declared a state of emergency in the sky and landed in Honolulu.

John snook, chief operating officer of Hawaiian Airlines, said the smoke was first discovered on the Hawaiian Airlines flight 47 from Oakland, California, approximately 20 minutes before landing when the plane began to descend.

Representative of American Medical Response James Irland said that in total, 11 patients had complaints of breathing problems, and seven validatable to the hospital with respiratory problems.

Irland said that among the passengers were two children at the age of 9 months. All injuries are considered minor.

One person was examined at the scene for injuries received during the evacuation.

Snook said that the smoke was in the cockpit, smoke in the cargo hold fixed the warning, which caused an emergency landing. He said that an open flame was not visible.

The man claims that the cargo hold was activated the automatic sprinkler system.

The buses brought passengers to a staging area at the airport. Snook said that Hawaiian Airlines will reimburse passengers the cost of tickets in both parties and will provide them with a voucher for a future trip.

“It will take some time to release the plane from the Luggage. We certainly want to find out what was the cause of the smoke. There is a possibility that the bag was the source of the smoke, said snook. — We have no evidence right now to suggest it, but we want to be careful.”

Snook thanked the crew and passengers for an evacuation.

The national Council for Transport Safety and the Federal Aviation Administration will investigate the causes of the incident.

The fire Department said that the passengers took only 30-45 seconds to leave the plane. Some had only minor bruises when descending a hill, according to Glenn Mitchell, fire chief of the airport.