The plane from new York to London set a record for transatlantic flights because of the hurricane

British Airways has broken the record for the fastest in the history of subsonic flight from new York to London, reaching a maximum speed of 825 miles per hour (1327 km/h), writes CNN. The liner “helped” raging in Britain hurricane Chiara.

Самолет из Нью-Йорка в Лондон установил рекорд трансатлантического перелета благодаря урагану

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The Boeing 747 flew in the night from 8 to 9 February and reached the destination 4 hours 56 minutes, which is almost 1.5 hours faster than normal.

“The flight was on a stronger than usual jet stream with winds over 200 miles per hour, driving the plane explains to CNN senior meteorologist Brandon Miller. — Responsibility for it “carries” the storm Chiara, which brought destructive gusts of wind and massive waves in the UK, Ireland and other parts of Northern Europe at the weekend. The jet stream is a fast-moving “river of air” high in the atmosphere, the altitude at which commercial Airliners fly. This thread is responsible for moving weather systems around the planet.”

The plane landed at Heathrow airport at 4:43 a.m., almost 1.5 hours earlier than planned. Its maximum speed during the flight amounted to 825 mph (1327 km/h), according to online tracking service Flightradar24 flight.

According to their assessment, the average time of flight of the aircraft between London and new York is 6 hours 13 minutes.

Representatives Flightradar24 announced record flight Twitter account, writing: “If we are not mistaken, BA takes the record for the fastest subsonic flight new York-London from Norwegian”.

Самолет из Нью-Йорка в Лондон установил рекорд трансатлантического перелета благодаря урагану


The service added that the British Airways flight arrived one minute faster than the Virgin flight of the Airbus A350 landed at Heathrow a few moments later, and another Virgin plane that landed an hour his flight time took 3 minutes longer.

All three flights significantly beat the previous record of 5 hours 13 minutes, set by Norwegian in January 2018.

Despite the fact that the British Airways plane appears to be moving faster than the speed of sound — 767 mph — it would break the sound barrier because it was surrounded by air. Even at a speed of over 800 mph, the Boeing 747 was moving much slower than the speed of sound relative to the air around him.

A BA representative said: “We always prioritize safety, not speed records, but our highly skilled pilots made maximum use of the conditions well in advance to deliver to customers in London”.

Over the weekend, Chiara hurricane made landfall in the UK. Two of the busiest airports in Europe — one in Frankfurt, Germany, the other in Amsterdam, the Netherlands — cancelled due to the elements more than 100 flights each.

A company representative told CNN that BA and all other airlines flying into the UK from countries affected by hurricane Chiara, canceled some of its flights, and consolidated others.


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