The player Tottenham had a fight on the podium with its own fan after the departure of the spurs out of the FA Cup (video)

Игрок "Тоттенхэма" подрался на трибуне с собственным фаном после вылета "шпор" из Кубка Англии (видео)

Eric Dyer

In the match of 1/8 final of the FA Cup “Tottenham” took another member of the English Premier League club Norwich, which closes the tournament table of the championship.

The match ended with a sensational departure of the spurs from the Cup.

In the main and extra time the team failed to identify the winner (1:1), and penalties more fortunate was the underdog of the match (3:2).

Immediately after the meeting, the hosts ‘ defender Eric Dyer got to the podium where the fans, “spurs” and had a fight with one of them.

So 26-year-old England player reacted to an insult from fans “Tottenham”.

The head coach of Tottenham Jose Mourinho commented on the incident involving Dyer. The Portuguese emphasized that it would be against punishment for your player from the club.

“Professionals should not do so. But I think each of us would have done the same thing – I know Eric and taking his side. This fan insulted Eric, the family Dyer was at the stadium, the younger brother didn’t like it. Dyer did wrong, but if the club decides to punish the player, I’m against it,” said Jose in his post-match comments.

“Real fans support the team until the end. Many who is on the tunnel, come by invitation, they have some privilege and status. I have my doubts that these fans really support Tottenham Hotspur FC – true fans support their team till the end,” said coach Tottenham.

This season, Dyer had made 23 appearances in all competitions for Tottenham, making two assists.