The player who nearly made a cripple Messi, has bitten an opponent in head (video)

Футболист, едва не сделавший калекой Месси, укусил соперника за голову (видео)

Double remove players from the field ended the match of the championship Paraguay football match between “Olympia Asuncion” and “Cerro Porteno” (4:2).

On the 83 th minute of the match Venezuelan defender Fernando Amorebieta hotel on the outskirts of the penalty area he fought with the attacker hosts Nester Camacho, until the ball flew in their direction. The striker provoked Fernando, hitting him with an elbow. The defender is in debt does not remain, and in response… bit of a bully over the head, after which he collapsed on the turf, writhing in pain.

Unfortunately both, the referee clearly saw the episode and showed red cards to both participants in the incident.

By the way, Amorebieta most of his career spent in Europe, where he played for the Spanish “athletic” and “sporting” and the English “Fulham” and “Middlesbrough”. In 2010, he nearly put an end to the career of Messi, the Argentinian drove a boot to the face.

Note that the biting players in world football are not unusual. Suffice it to recall the famous striker “Barcelona” and the national team of Uruguay Luis Suarez, who in the match of the 2014 world Cup bite of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini.


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