The players and coaches of the Ukrainian Premier League to speak out against the plays of the championship in Kiev

Футболисты и тренеры Украинской Премьер-лиги высказываются против доигровки чемпионата в Киеве

The head coach “Alexandria” Volodymyr Sharan does not like the idea of holding the remaining matches of the top six Favbet League in Kiev.

“A clear position yet, we have not discussed this issue with the club management. 7 may the planned meeting of the Ukrainian Premier League, we will wait for the outcome,” said 48-year-old Ukrainian specialist in an exclusive interview

“I’m negative to this idea. Can understand the “Dynamo”, “Shakhtar” and “ear”, they’re based in Kiev. “Desna”, too far to reach. And what about us? To travel for every match in Kiev, or to live there?” – asks Sharan.

“In any case, tentatively we plan to meet may 11 and 12 to resume the training process. Before that, the whole team will test for the coronavirus,” said the coach “Alexandria”.

We add that the initiative to hold the remaining matches of the season in the top six of the Premier League in Kiev belongs to the “Desna”. The idea of holding matches in the capital will also support the “Dynamo”, “Shakhtar” and “Kolos”.

In turn, the management of “Dawn” called the need to carry the team to the capital “irrational”.

Does not support the idea of holding a remaining length of the season in the Premier League in the same city and Luhansk midfielder Vladlen Yurchenko

“We have no one talked about it, but I am against such an event. If the airports will be a problem, then a different story. But my opinion – or all play equal, or finish the championship, if I can’t play because of the quarantine” – quoted Yurchenko channel “Football”.

“We should not so that some play at home, and we need to go or be somewhere. We have here all the conditions for recovery and training. Dynamo and Shakhtar has its own database, but we do let go? No, of course” – reasonably claimed by the player.