The players of the Bundesliga independently turned to his guide about the decline in wages

Футболисты клуба Бундеслиги самостоятельно обратились к своему руководству о снижении зарплат

Werder Bremen

In the framework of minimization of losses of the club, caused by a coronavirus pandemic, the players of Werder Bremen appealed to the club’s management asking to reduce their salaries, the official website of 4-time Champions Germany.

The players hope to help the club save for the period of suspension of matches in the Bundesliga. In the country, the break is valid until 2 April, but most likely it will be extended.

“In recent years, we are dedicated players who fully identify with Werder, staff and fans”, – quotes the press service of “green-whites” managing Director Frank Baumann.

“This cohesion distinguishes us. So everyone can assume that the players, coaches and management will be a good example for other employees. The guide was filed with the momentum from the team. Now we will specify the topic and together make a significant and important contribution to overcoming the crisis,” – said the functionary.