The players of “Valencia” protested the leadership of the club to boycott the press conference before the match against Chelsea in the Champions League

Игроки "Валенсии" выразили протест руководству клуба бойкотом пресс-конференции перед матчем с "Челси" в ЛЧ

Albert Celades

Today starts the group stage of the Champions League.

In particular, in London at Stamford bridge, Chelsea will host Valencia.

Traditionally, before the match, the team held a press conference, but the players, “Valencia” boycotted it.

New head coach albert Celades answered questions from the audience alone, and this behavior of the players “bats” is associated with the unexpected resignation of former coach Marcelino.

Himself Saludes said that with the motivation of the players on the team all right, despite the mixed mood in the team, quoted albert Sky Sports.

The publication also notes that UEFA may punish the club for the act of the players.

Add that to the starting whistle Turkish referee cakir Ref the sound at 22:00.