The plot, the antics of Russia and local issue: protests in the United States through the eyes of our immigrants

The death of the African-American George Floyd provoked a wave of protests in the United States, which is not on the decline. Rallies, calling to draw attention to police brutality and prejudice against blacks often turn into clashes with the police and accompanied by looting and pillaging. This writes the “Focus”.

Заговор, проделки России и локальная проблема: протесты в США глазами наших иммигрантов

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Protests in the US actively commenting immigrants from Ukraine, Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe. Many of them try to assess the events from the point of view of an independent observer trying to explain it to their friends and relatives outside the United States.

Local residents say that the behavior of these American cops movie differs from the idealized images. Cases of police brutality happens much more often than information about it is seeping beyond the local media. Only when such cases are too many, it creates a precedent about this some time talking, discussing in a talk show and maybe even a few perpetrators are punished. And the arson and looting that you see on TV are only part of what is happening in the United States and do not convey the essence of the problem.

Daria, now a resident of Amherst (mA), said that “the police and the army not always come from good intentions”. Some become cops “on the record”, some people try to join at least some power, and some want to shoot “bad guys”. And victims of police abuse can be anyone. So, in 2016, the police shot and killed 26-year-old David Shaver, white, a resident of Texas who inadvertently tried to pull the shorts when the police demanded from him to carry out their orders.

He was shot from a machine gun video from lapel camera police were hiding for several years, both cops suffered no punishment. Moreover, shot David Philip Brailsford received a life pension and payment of all court costs.

“Video from the camera Brailsford — it’s about insecurity. Do not need false papers in the shop to be brutally strangled for unproven theft of a pack of cigarettes Floyd. A family man with no criminal history and criminal tendencies, resting in your room, it may be in a similar situation and get 5 bullets out of nowhere. The only difference is that the percentage of unarmed blacks shot about 6 times more often. I understand the protesters are not looters, cheerfully poured into the stream, and those whom the news was brought to the limit. Nobody wants to be neither Floyd nor Shaver. Desires for togetherness. And if at the state level, no one moving, then I’m sorry,” — said Daria.

Protests also strengthens and economic stratification of American society on racial lines.

“Is America a middle class that believes that the police are on their side who knows what to the police to ask for help, or just come for a chat on the street. But there is another America. More poor, more crime. Her interaction with the police often not so pleasant. Yes among African Americans the percentage of such people above, and Yes, many police officers are accustomed to such statistics, and behave accordingly”, — the blogger writes under the name levik.

He notes that when there is another manifestation of police brutality, different people perceive them differently, and this reaction depends on the initial attitude to a COP.

“I think it’s because the white population is easier to forgive “his” police. Not alone blame the police, and all police in General. It’s easier to think that a few bad guys tarnished the reputation of hundreds of thousands. Much more difficult to maintain sympathy for the police for people who they obviously see a repressive force. After all, there are among the police are — even in new York, where the policy of the Department is very actively directed in order to maximize the police formed a multiethnic city,” he said.

While locals clearly agree with peaceful protesters against police brutality and racism, radical political groups of different directions and the usual looters, under the guise of mass actions involved in a robbery. Thus, the user, writing in Facebook under the name Eugene Lin, identifies five main groups:

  1. Peaceful protests against police brutality, including the majority of the movement Black Lives Matter.
  2. The radical wing Black Lives Matter, who believe that the time for peaceful protests is over and the only way to change the situation is to use violent methods, particularly against the police.
  3. Looters and rioters: taking advantage of the protests, aim to loot shops, destroy and burn cars and buildings.
  4. Far-left radical movement: their goal is to incite outrage, to destroy the system of using extremely violent methods. They are the catalysts of chaos.
  5. White supremacist and extreme-right radical groups. They are the catalysts of chaos. If a little to simplify, the goal of the “anti-advertising” of any civil rights movement for African Americans against police brutality and racial unrest in the United States.

He also notes that unconditionally believe the media, the bloggers, who are now trying to raise their ratings, spreading the “bright” video and pictures, and television reporters – not worth it. Because they describe what is happening in the US, focus on any one aspect or a particular narrative of events.

“Those who do it, or careless, or irresponsible, or do not understand what they say racist things, or have the objective to specifically show a distorted picture, for the sake of their benefits or target audience,” concludes Lin.

Another blogger and tour guide in new York, Denis Previc writes that new York has often been the epicenter of the riots, due to the multinational population, divided according to communities and districts. The city has always been characterized by high levels of crime, and the roar of sirens has become a common sound on the streets. There is always something going on, and often illegal, but so riots not happened for a very long time. Dennis noted that currently the most popular product in the “Big Apple” is plywood, it score doors and Windows, trying to protect shops from looters.

If peaceful protests really are calm enough, except that blocked the street, after dark on the streets there are robbers, who take advantage of police inaction, smashed everything in its path. Delay the few. Those who show direct aggression against police officers. Suffer the most Central street with expensive shops.

Initially, the protests in new York really took place peacefully, but the crowd definitely was the one who started to throw stones at police or burning cars, after which all was ended in a brawl. Now the city continued looting, interspersed with relatively peaceful protests, and some of the residents – one that could left the city.

But particularly interesting is the classification of the looters that have already developed their own rules of conduct. Now they are called “Luthor” (from the English looter (“robber”), looting (“robbery, mayhem”).

Thus, according to Previc, among the “Luthor” is also a division. Some of them are organized in groups with its own intelligence, drivers and “security forces” that break down and break Windows, take out all the contents and loaded into the machine. The second “walkers”. They just move in small groups and attack anything that comes your way. Also, according to the classification of Raevich, there is a “adrenalinschiki”, which is just like the riots and they too are not averse to profit.

“Not in any way organized and just walk around the city, gathering in large crowds, and always ready to join any kipish, whether car fires, the attack on the cops or the robbery of the store. The main thing that was a big crowd. Individually they are cowardly and run away immediately. Can easily Rob those who have robbed the store and pick up what they like. For such as I, represent the maximum risk, as a lot of them, and they are often left without prey, so it can attack ordinary people. The occasion will serve as your camera and what you allegedly took,” he writes.

Denis notes that all three categories are irrelevant to the protesters and just cover them for a profit, justifying their actions by the alleged justice and retribution. In fact, they are ordinary criminals posing as ideological fighters. Unfortunately, all the information noise around them and it begins to seem that there are some robberies, and the United States on the brink of disaster.

“To put it mildly, not so. The problem is, without a doubt, huge, but even in the same new York it all still has a very local character, and outside the city life has not changed at all,” says blogger and notes that amid the chaos of things happening, there are people, including Russian speakers who justify looting or believe that a minor event – like, “the Luthors” plunder and calm down. But, as practice shows, every night they get the taste and will not be limited only to expensive boutiques in SOHO and Manhattan.

Enough among Russian and Ukrainian speaking people in the US those who believe that the protests, looting and chaos is a conspiracy directed against the person to whom they are more sympathetic and who voted in the last election. The root cause they are not considering at all either ignore it, which could be an indication that the subtleties of American life they did not penetrate and many of the problems considered far-fetched.

Also, there are attempts to justify a police officer denigrating the victim. Such is often observed that the victim attributed to sins, demonize her, hinting that she got what she deserved. It is a popular opinion often meets a powerful counterargument.

There are those who recognize the situation in the United States was sharpened to the limit and the death of George Floyd just served as a catalyst. Another problem is that trump is not able to extinguish the conflict, even speech from the steps of the Church, he managed to mess up, because the security staff before it dispersed the protesters with rubber bullets. The protests got out of hand, escalated into a criminal matter and the police attempt to reason with even peacefully raging compatriots to nothing lead. Those who previously called for peaceful rallies, and continue to have, and “Luthor” and aggressive instigators peaceful appeal do not apply.

Against the background of continuing protests and the overall tension that is felt in the study of the American segment of social networks, Russian and Ukrainian speaking public different some passivity. People continue to look for “among friends” manicure, lawyers, ask where to buy a kitten and asked to recommend a good Bank. What is happening in the U.S. they discuss only in the context of a threat to their own existence. And so some of them followed the example of the Americans – created civil patrols and attended to the purchase of weapons. The reasons for people to go to protests, they are interested in a small degree.

In Ukraine, opinion is also divided. The “hand of Moscow”, of course, is considered among other options. They say that even if the protests started over the death of Floyd, now their definitely fuels from Russia.

There are those who are inclined to the version that the situation escalated and finally exploded. However, there are those who believe that what is happening in the United States – the case of the Americans, and the Ukrainians should do their own problems.

The emergence of the military and armed patrols on the streets of the same Los Angeles and curfews somewhat tempered the ardor of the protesters. But in some States, the shares continue the curfew had no effect on those who initially knowingly violate the law. And the main problem remains unresolved: the brutality of some police, and often biased against the black population. The death of George Floyd has stirred up deep-seated problems, but until the obvious attempts to resolve them there.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • May 27, George Floyd, an African-American from Minneapolis, died after a police officer Minneapolis strangled him with his knee. Officer Derek Chauvin was fired and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter; three other officers also lost their jobs. Protests and riots subsequently broke out in Minneapolis and across the country.
  • The Governor of Minnesota said that the protests in connection with the death of an African-American George Floyd, covering dozens of cities in the United States, not connected with the murder, and provoked the visiting radicals.
  • Protests in Minneapolis have increased dramatically in the evening of 27 may, when the Metropolitan police have applied the response to looted and burned shops in the town, and shooting fatalities in the protest.
  • May 31, drove a truck into a crowd of protesters in Minneapolis (mn). Driving a car was a US citizen, supposedly of Ukrainian origin, Bogdan Vechirko. He was arrested, but on 2 June released from custody pending further investigation. In the end, charges against him are not nominated.
  • About 40 cities, including Los Angeles, Miami, Detroit and Philadelphia, have banned street demonstrations after dark. The governors of Texas and Virginia declared a state of emergency.
  • In connection with the protests in cities across the US embassies of Ukraine and Russia has asked its citizens living on the territory of the state, to maintain order and to avoid crowds and to comply with security measures.
  • June 1, Donald trump introduced the 1807 act, allowing him to send armed forces to the United States, shaken by the riots, in connection with the death of George Floyd.
  • According to the results of the official autopsy of George Floyd, his death was caused by mechanical asphyxiation and should be treated as violent.
  • As of June 4 victims of mass protests in the United States were at least 11 people.
  • All police officers involved in the death of George Floyd was arrested. They face up to 40 years in prison.
  • More than 10,000 people were arrested during the protests, condemning racism and police brutality over the death of George Floyd.



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