The PLQ struggles to raise money

The PLQ struggles to raise money

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Once the champions of fundraising, the Liberals are now dead last among the major parties and are struggling to mobilize their donors on the eve of the provincial election campaign. 

The days when Violette Trépanier, former finance director of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) under Jean Charest, wrote in an email ” I'm drowning in piassessss ” are over.

At its height in 2008, the Liberal machine was amassing more than $9 million a year, thanks to hidden funding schemes later exposed by the Charbonneau commission.

But since January, with barely 310 With $688 raised, the PLQ is no match for its opponents, according to the most recent data from the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec (DGEQ) analyzed by our Bureau of Inquiry.  

< p>Even the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) has already collected almost $200,000 more than it has this year. 

As of Friday, both the Coalition Avenir Québec, the Parti Québécois (PQ ), Québec solidaire that the PCQ had already exceeded their total for 2021 as a whole by more than $100,000.

The PLQ, however, did not follow this trend and collected only 5,161  $ more than last year, an increase of 2%.

“We go [from $100] to a maximum of $200 per contribution in an election year. We should have expected in the case of the PLQ to have a fairly significant increase in contributions,” observes political science professor at Laval University Éric Montigny.

Confident despite everything< /strong>

The fact that the Liberal Party announced fewer candidates than its rivals also plays into the equation.

“Often, when there is a candidate, there is a team that will put itself in place and contribute to fundraising”, analyzes Mr. Montigny.

Spokesperson of the PLQ, Maxime Doyon-Laliberté explains that despite everything, his “militants are enthusiastic and mobilized everywhere in Quebec ” and that “the teams with [the] candidates are increasingly active in terms of donations”. 

The PLQ believes that it has “the budget to carry out the election at the height of [his] ambitions.

In addition to popular donations, parties also rely on state funding based on the number of votes obtained in the last election. This influx of funds can represent more than half of their campaign kitty.

Dark Legacy

According to the political science professor at the University of Sherbrooke Catherine Côté, the era of Philippe Couillard, marked by cuts in public services, and that of Jean Charest, tinged with scandals revealed during the Charbonneau commission, demobilized some voters and donors. 

“The position in which [Chief Dominique] Anglade finds herself is almost untenable. There is still a heavy record of dissatisfaction with the Liberal Party,” she analyzes. ;experts believe that the PLQ will have to redefine itself in the coming years.

According to Mr. Montigny, the party can no longer brandish the bogeyman of Quebec sovereignty to mobilize its donors since the debate is more in the foreground.

“He fed a lot on his opposition to the independence of the PQ. This one having declined, he lost his main adversary to mobilize his troops and part of his raison d'être.

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