The PLQ wants to convince seniors by reiterating an already known promise

The PLQ wants to convince seniors by reiterating a promise to ;I know


The leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec will try to convince the seniors of Quebec today, by hammering her promise of a $2,000 allowance for seniors aged 70 and over, a commitment known for already several months.

Dominique Anglade wants to take advantage of the third day of the campaign to convince seniors to vote for his training. However, the announcement she made on Tuesday morning had been known for a long time. 

In November 2021, Dominique Anglade presented her project for a “Seniors' Allowance”, which should allow seniors to cope with the increased cost of living and to adapt their home to receive care. 

Almost a year later, she reiterates her promise.  

Ms. Anglade pointed out at the time that this measure would cost the state $2 billion. she said, the day after a difficult day in the National Capital.

On Monday, two candidates (Vanier Les-Rivières and Richmond) withdrew their candidacies and Ms. Anglade had to part with her director of research, Julie White, so that the latter could play the role of candidate in the county of Jean-Talon.  

Seniors in the crosshairs

This morning, the chef tried to turn things around before her departure for Montmagny, by addressing seniors of Quebec.  

“The price of food is increasing, the price of rent is increasing, the only thing that is not increasing in Quebec is the income of seniors. Our seniors need a government that supports them in their choice to stay at home as long as possible,” she said, while speaking at the Cartier-Roberval archaeological site, while denigrating the CAQ government's seniors' home project. 

“Concrete measures, such as the “seniors allowance” that we are proposing, will help them achieve this perfectly legitimate objective. Because the best home for seniors is at home!” 

The PLQ that with this assistance of up to $2,000 annually, seniors will have the financial capacity to stay in their homes as long as possible. long as possible.  

In 2021, Ms. Anglade pointed out that the existing tax credits are not sufficient to support home support and are often complicated, pointed out the PLQ. < /p>

Eligible persons would be those who reside in a house, condo, apartment or RPA and they would be free to use the funds as they wish.