The police are looking for a double Ben Affleck who stole the booze in the store (PHOTOS)

Полиция разыскивает двойника Бена Аффлека, укравшего выпивку в магазине (ФОТО)

It seems like the modern Batman is more like a villain than a superhero. And all because a man that looks almost like Ben Affleck, stole a bottle of booze from the LCBO store in Milton.

The police describes the man as white, about 6.1 feet tall, weighing 200 pounds, with reddish-brown hair, a mustache and a beard. He was spotted at the LCBO store at 1025 Bronte St. South August 8, Thursday. Now the police declared him wanted.

According to police, he stole alcohol worth $53,90.

The police asks all who has any information or knows the suspect, to call the division for crime prevention.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck has not yet declared his innocence, as did David Schwimmer (best known for her role of Rosa in the TV series “Friends”), when last year his twin stole someone’s Bank card. So it’s still hard to say, but as to whether it is double, not the Ben Affleck?