The police have edited the photo of the robber before the identification, that can close the case

The man accused of robbery in Oregon, wants to achieve closure of the proceedings against him, since the police have removed the tattoo of his picture and then showed witnesses of crime.

Полиция отредактировала фото грабителя перед опознанием, из-за этого могут закрыть дело

Photo: Depositphotos

Pravohraniteli recognize that using a computer program removed the tattoo from the face of the 50-year-old Lamont Allen. This was allegedly done to his picture stood out among the photographs of other suspects, which showed to the witnesses.

Allen was detained on charges of committing four robberies in the town of Portland in 2017.

Federal court now considers this case and must decide, had the right keepers the legal right to use the edited photo.

Why remove a tattoo?

Police have released several images of the robber taken by a surveillance camera, and asked to help in identifying the perpetrator.

Subsequently, an anonymous informant contacted the right keepers and said that in his opinion, the man in the photo is exactly Lamont Allen.

During the investigation, witnesses of the robberies showed a selection of photos of several people — including Allen’s — and asked to indicate on a burglar among them.

To portrait Allen stood out among the other pictures, he decided to remove the tattoo.

Полиция отредактировала фото грабителя перед опознанием, из-за этого могут закрыть дело

Photo: U. S. District Court in Oregon

In the past month about the fact photo editing learned counsel Allen. He stated that this was done deliberately — to his client was more like the man from the pictures the surveillance camera.

Assistant Prosecutor, countered that Allen’s prior crime could put on the face makeup, so these pictures have tattoos, and law enforcement actually did the same, but digitally.

Judge mark Hernandez soon to reach a verdict as to whether it was possible to use the edited pictures during the identification process.