The policeman who arrested serial killer of MacArthur, pleaded not guilty (PHOTOS)

Полицейский, арестовавший серийного убийцу МакАртура, не признал вину (ФОТО)

A policeman from Toronto, who participated in the arrest and release of a serial killer Bruce MacArthur in 2016, did not plead guilty to the disciplinary charges.

Lawyer Lawrence Gridin spoke today on behalf of Sergeant Paul Gaultier in front of the police Tribunal of Toronto.

Gauthier is charged with insubordination and neglect of duty related to the complaint of a man who argued that MacArthur was trying to strangle him.

The police were not present to give a brief review of his case. He has not appeared before the Tribunal, and the lawyer referred to the disease. However Gridin said that his client will appear at the hearing, when the time comes.

In the notice of hearing published earlier this year, argues that Gauthier did not record the video message of the applicant or not photographed his injuries within 72 hours as required by policy for investigation of cases of violence.