The political crisis continues: Israel goes to a fourth consecutive early parliamentary elections

Israel can pass a fourth consecutive early elections. The Knesset on Friday, April 17, the morning was given 21 days to take action on government formation. Party benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu were unable to agree on a unity government. About it writes BBC.

Политический кризис продолжается: Израиль идет к четвертым подряд досрочным парламентским выборам

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The political crisis arising from the inability of the two major political forces of Israel to come to an agreement, continues.

Over a year in the country, it took three of the electoral cycle, which cost Israel several billion dollars.

Now the country is approaching the fourth early election in a row.

Wednesday, April 15, in the evening expired the mandate to form a government, the leader of the party “Kajol-Laban” and the speaker of the Knesset benny Ghanaian. On the morning of Friday, April 17, President Reuven Rivlin gave the mandate to form a Cabinet to the Parliament.

Now the Knesset for 21 days to nominate and approve the Deputy, charged with the task of forming a government. Otherwise, the 4 August elections, and the Parliament will be automatically dissolved.

Former IDF chief of staff benny Ganz to failed to create a coalition, and in the epidemic of the coronavirus among its party “Likud” Netanyahu negotiations on a government of national unity.The first meeting of the negotiating teams lasted eight hours and ended in the night of Friday, April 17, but to negotiate the parties failed. The talks continue.

The stumbling block

I believe that the progress of the negotiations prevents the backing Netanyahu’s bill, which would give him immunity from prosecution.

In the address, Netanyahu accused of corruption, fraud and breach of trust. He denies all charges.

The trial of Netanyahu was supposed to start in April but it was postponed, after most of the ships were closed due to the coronavirus.

Unless the number of Knesset members will be nominated by the candidate, and the majority of the 120-seat chamber vote for it, he will get 14 days to form the government.

In the last election in early March of this year, Netanyahu’s party, Likud ahead of party Ganz with a minimal advantage, it was not enough to form a coalition in Parliament.

In the elections in September 2019, on the contrary, the majority of votes won party “Kajol-Laban” Gantz, but then also failed to form a coalition.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu for the third time in a row failed to achieve a majority in Parliament. The results of the March 2 election, his party, Likud won 36 seats, and for control of the Knesset party (coalition) is needed 61 seat.


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