The Pope speaks out against euthanasia in front of French elected officials

Pope speaks out against euthanasia in front of French elected officials ;ais


“Caregivers cannot be asked to kill their patients”: Pope Francis spoke out against euthanasia on Friday during a speech to French elected officials, against the backdrop of a debate on the end of life in France and three days before a meeting with Emmanuel Macron. 

“Caregivers, by nature, are intended to provide care and relief, for lack of being able to always heal, but we cannot ask caregivers to kill their patients!” he declared before a delegation of forty elected officials from the north of France led by the bishop of Cambrai.

“If we kill with justifications, we will end up killing more and more”, he insisted, repeating a sentence pronounced during his return from a trip to Kazakhstan in September, when he had been questioned at this subject.

“I dare to hope that on such essential questions, the debate can be held in truth to accompany life until its natural end”, added the Argentine sovereign pontiff, while a citizens' convention on the end of life will begin its work in December in order to guide the French government on a possible new change in law.

The pope also insisted on “the attention to be paid to the elderly in nursing homes”, referring to “people at the end of life who need to be accompanied by the development of palliative care”.

These statements come three days before the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron, which is to be received Monday morning (8:30 GMT) in private audience by the pope.

L he Vatican considers euthanasia a “crime against human life” and assisted suicide a “grave sin” and those who have decided to resort to it cannot receive the sacraments.