The postman made a gift to the child of a poor family, who wrote a desperate letter to Santa Claus

Christmas miracles can do not only Santa Claus. Sometimes all you need is the mailman with a heart of gold, writes Fox News.

Почтальон сделала подарок ребенку из бедной семьи, написавшему отчаянное письмо Санта-Клаусу

Photo: Depositphotos

Melissa Stinsman, an employee of the post office in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, helps to answer letters written to Santa. She voluntarily spends about four hours a night “helping” Santa Claus answering the mountain of emails that he receives during the holidays.

“I usually advise children to monitor their grades and obey their parents, said Stinsman. One asked scientific play set, so I told him that one day he can become a scientist.”

However, a letter from a child to Santa really stand out. Inside the envelope, which had three letters, the woman found a note reading: “Dear Santa, last year you didn’t notice me, so I hope that this year will notice, and this year I’ll be fine”.

The letter also had a list that included the typical gifts such as Legos and various toys, but he ended with two unusual requests: food and clothing for his family. In the envelope was another list from 5-year-old brother of the boy.

Although the letter was not return address, the boy pointed out his full name. Asking his colleagues, the postman found another carrier who recognized the name, and together they were able to find a home for this boy.

Stinsman contacted the family and arranged the collection of money at the post office.

“We collected about $ 500, she told Yahoo Lifestyle — and people bring me food in the mail”.

The packages were delivered to the family’s house on Christmas eve. Before you leave things, Tinsman said, “I hope that children will be distracted when I come. I want them to believe that all came from Santa.”