The power of Seattle created eliminate the protesters ‘area without police’

The mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkan said that he was going to regain control of the so-called area of the protest “Occupy the Capitol”. It is occupied by protesters, declared it an “Autonomous zone”. According to the mayor, the police is going in the near future to return to the area, BBC reports.

Власти Сиэтла ликвидируют созданную протестующими 'зону без полиции'

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There over the weekend three people were injured as a result of incidents involving the use of firearms.

On Saturday morning, June 20, was killed 19-year-old boy and seriously injured 33-year-old man. On Sunday evening, 21 June, 17-year-old was wounded in the arm. He refused to testify.

By day, the area looks peaceful. Protesters relax in the Park, and volunteers handed out free food to them. However, at night there were frequent armed attacks, rape, robbery of apartments and acts of vandalism. The demonstrators staged noisy processions, some of them openly carried weapons.

What is this area?

After the death on may 25 in Minneapolis African American George Floyd at the hands of white police in many U.S. cities, including Seattle, the largest city in Washington state in the extreme North-West of the country began mass protests.

In Seattle they purchased a particularly aggressive form. On 8 June, the Eastern district of the city has become a real battleground between demonstrators and police. During the clashes, the police decided to leave the area, allowing protestuschih to occupy the building of the police station.

First, the Governor of the state ordered to enter the town the National guard, and the mayor — to impose a curfew, but on 8 June, the authorities retreated, and the police left the area.

Soon after, the TV channel si-EN-EN has asked the mayor a question about when the authorities are going to restore control.

“I don’t know. I hope we have a summer of love,” she said.

When Donald trump June 15, said that he could send the National guard to restore order in the city, the Governor of the state Jay and Margie reiger mayor Jenny Durkan in response advised him to do his job and “return to the bunker”.

The authorities say now?

“The accumulating effects of constant meetings and protests, and the night atmosphere of violence make it harder for the existence of business and population. The impact of increases and security decreases,” — said the mayor at a press conference on Monday.

The chief of police of Seattle Carmen best said that after Saturday’s shooting hostile crowd did not allow her subordinates, as well as ambulance to get on scene and help the victims.

According to the head of the city police to return to the area in the near future, and it will happen peacefully, which the authorities intend to enter into negotiations with the protesters.

Part of the city in question in recent years has been significantly landscaped after removing there apartments employees high-tech companies raised demand and prices for housing.

The protesters put up a public garden and wrote on the wall of one of the houses in huge letters: “Black Lives Matter”.



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