The PQ denounces the “federalism of the CAQ” … in Ottawa

The PQ denounces the «federalism of the CAQ


For the second time in history, a leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ) traveled to Ottawa in the midst of the provincial election campaign. Paul St-Pierre Plamondon actually went to the country's parliament to denounce “CAQ federalism”.

“While François Legault was promising big gains in Canada, he didn't was unable to get even one of the demands of his 'nationalist within Canada' project accepted,” said Chief Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

According to him, Quebec will continue to “weaken” if the CAQ is re-elected.

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“There will be only one end of inadmissibility, and this, as much for the $ 6 billion in health transfers, for the application of law 101 to federally chartered companies as for the single tax report .”

The head of the CAQ François Legault is asking Quebec to give him a strong mandate in order to increase his balance of power against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In particular, he wishes to negotiate the complete patriation of powers in the area of ​​immigration, even though it is a shared competence.”

But according to the PQ: “a few additional deputies from the CAQ will change absolutely nothing”, indicated the party.

Thus faced with this “statement of failure”, the PQ leader advocates independence of Quebec. “Independence will not solve all the problems, we have never claimed that. But it will certainly allow us to make our own choices and ensure our sustainability,” believes Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon.

In 2018, the leader of the PQ, who was then Jean-François Lisée, had himself traveled to Ottawa aboard a psychedelic-coloured bus, a historic first. Above all, he denounced the lack of federal spending and investment in Quebec.

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