The PQ promises a 2nd phase of the Quebec tramway

The PQ promises a 2nd phase of the Quebec tramway


In addition to the 15 km light rail that will link Quebec City to Lévis, the Parti Québécois (PQ) is committed to setting up a second phase of the tramway that would go to the Charlesbourg sector.  

Tuesday morning, in a press briefing, the PQ did not want to advance on the cost or the precise timetable for this phase. 

< p>Jeanne Robin, PQ candidate in Taschereau, only indicated that the route between Saint-Roch and the north of Charlesbourg would take 1ère Avenue and would be very similar to the initial plans. 

She promised that the project would be done in collaboration with the administration of Mayor Marchand to whom it has not yet submitted these plans. 

Originally, the tramway was supposed to go to Charlesbourg, but the route was changed in 2021 and it was the section towards the D'Estimauville pole that was finally preferred. 

“Charlesbourg will not be left behind in this vision for the future”, insisted Priscilla Corbeil, PQ candidate in Charlesbourg. 


To finance this second phase of the Tranway, Ms. Robin reiterated that the PQ will ask for money from Ottawa. She also urged the federal government to put more money into public transit. 

Over the past few days, the PQ has also committed to building a 15 km light rail connecting Lévis to Quebec (partially in tunnel) and going to the Lebourgneuf sector (and possibly to Loretteville in a later phase). 

This train would cost between 4 and 5 G$ and would be in service within six to eight years, it was promised.