The PQ will not take a break for the Queen's funeral

PQ will not pause for Queen's funeral< /p> UPDATE DAY

Funeral of the Queen or not, the leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ) will campaign on September 19 and calls on the media to give a “fair” place to the Quebec elections over the next few days. 

“With all my regards and respect, Quebec is a democracy, not a monarchy,” said PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon. We only have once every four years when we can discuss the future we want in just 36 days, and there will be no wasted day.”

He reiterated that his plan campaign was not going to be affected by the queen's passing. The team remains aware, however, that this event is and will be widely covered in the media.

“I hope that the media will [find the] right [middle] between [the] death, admittedly sad, of a sovereign of a foreign country and the decision of the people of Quebec as to their orientations for the future, for the next four years”, pleaded the leader.

He cannot say whether the coverage of the Queen's death takes too much space in the media, as he claims he had “not had time to watch”.

“I urge the media to create […] a fair space for the most part, and the main thing, is our election here, at home in Quebec,” he added.