The PQ would force the Horne foundry to meet the standard within 4 years

PQ would require Horne smelter to meet standard within 4 years


The Parti Québécois would force the Horne smelter to reduce its arsenic emissions to 15 ng/m3 in the year following its election, then to meet the Quebec standard of 3 ng/M3 in a first term, if he took power. 

The position of the Parti Québécois is thus in line with the proposal of Québec solidaire on the quantities and deadlines of arsenic emissions.

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon was in Rouyn-Noranda on Sunday morning and, for the first time, he went to the Notre-Dame residential area located at the foot of the foundry. The proximity of the huge factory and the houses was striking.

Jean-François Vachon, the PQ candidate who lives in the city, accompanied him to give him various elements of context of the plant which was talked about all summer for its arsenic emissions which do not respect the standards. and which increases the risk of cancer.

On site, an odor is perceptible. “I noticed it,” said Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon. There are days when you have a taste in your mouth, Jean-François [Vachon] told me. I felt it.

The CAQ government announced last August that it would, following public health recommendations, require the smelter to limit its emissions to 15 ng/m3 by 2027. Currently, even though the standard is 3 ng/m3 /m3, the foundry has a special agreement allowing it to emit 100 ng/m3. However, the government has no timetable for reaching the Quebec standard.

Lack of information

The leader of the PQ also denounces the lack of information available to the population in the file.

“There are neighborhoods for which it is still not known whether, due to the winds, there is the same very significant exposure to arsenic and there we are only talking arsenic, but there is also lead, there are plenty of other contaminants”, he underlines.

In terms of transparency and access to information, he reminds that his party wants independent public health and a ministry that doesn't “just rely on what companies want to tell them and does comprehensive measures”.