The Premier League has identified two options for the end of the championship of Ukraine

Премьер-лига определила два варианта окончания чемпионата Украины

Eugene Wild

Executive Director of the Ukrainian Premier League (UPL) Eugene Wild announced possible completions of the championship of Ukraine after the suspension of the tournament because of a pandemic coronavirus.

“If we can’t finish by the deadlines established by UEFA (until June 30, – approx., then we will resolve it with the clubs. We will have two options: to finish the championship, as it looks now or to take only the first stage, not counting the 23 round of the championship.

We offer these two scenarios,” said Wild in the program “Profootball”.

“In the second six also considered several options. I will say this: the options we have, but we won’t announce because we have to conduct additional consultation with the UAF for this reason. We talking about expanding the League and some drastic measures. It has to be coordinated with the leadership of the Federation. So we came together with this decision”, – stressed the official.