The President covered the protests of Bolivia has announced the new presidential elections (PHOTO)

Президент охваченной протестами Боливии объявил новые выборы главы государства (ФОТО)

Bolivian President Evo Morales on Sunday announced that the country will hold new elections of the head of state, reports TASS.

“I’m calling a new election, by voting to the Bolivian people have elected their new government,” he said at a press conference that was broadcast on social media. About when elections will be held, the President said.

According to Morales, the election will hold the new composition of the Supreme electoral court (election Commission).

Morales, leading the country since 2006, was called to ease tensions after elections swept the country a wave of protests accompanied by acts of violence and vandalism.

“I want to make it so that the tension subsided. I ask everyone to ensure peaceful co-existence”, he added.

Presidential elections were held in the Republic on October 20. According to the information published by the Higher electoral court, won by incumbent President Evo Morales. His main opponent, former President Carlos Mesa stated that he did not recognize the victory of Morales in the first round.

The organization of American States issued a report which stated that “the audit team could not confirm the results of the elections and, therefore, recommends the new.”

After the announcement of the results of the voting in Bolivia, protests erupted and began a strike which participants accused the authorities of fraud in the elections. Before the opposition started the blockade obsessionally radio and television.

Morales declared a state of emergency and accused the opposition of attempting to organise a coup.