The President “Dynamo” Igor Surkis picked up the baton from Messi the challenge with toilet paper (video)

Президент "Динамо" Игорь Суркис подхватил от Месси эстафету челленджа с туалетной бумагой (видео)

Ihor Surkis

President of Kiev “Dynamo” Igor Surkis joined the acclaimed challenge with toilet paper.

The Surkis-the younger confirmed that to do business it is much more comfortable than being minted toilet paper.

But, for the courage of the President of “Dynamo” for certain will receive approval from all Ukrainian fans, including Donetsk.

Previously, their skill in juggling showed Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos, Marcus Rashford and a number of other great masters of the leather ball.