‘The President is lying, people are dying’: near the trump hotel in Washington, laid out the body bags

Participants organized demonstrations spread black body bags near the entrance to Trump International Hotel in Washington, protesting against the reaction of the President of the United States on pandemic coronavirus, writes the Washington Post.

'Президент лжет, люди умирают': возле отеля Трампа в Вашингтоне разложили мешки для трупов

Photo: a video frame YouTube/Reuters

It all happened on Thursday, April 23. Surrounding the White House, shouting slogans and obscenities from the Windows of the cars, the protesters went to the hotel trump to spread out before entering the bags.

More than 20 black packets as a man, stuffed with cardboard and Newspapers, had to look like the bodies of the victims of the pandemic coronavirus, aligned with the sidewalk along Pennsylvania Avenue under the gold-plated sign with the name of the President.

This was the last social protest in the district, where activists, accustomed to regular waves of demonstrations have been forced in new ways to Express dissent in terms of orders to stay at home, and given the number of deaths from the coronavirus.

The demonstration, organized in part by liberal Center for popular democracy, began with the fact that around the White house drove cars with flashing lights. According to one of the organizers, it was like a funeral procession.

They called this movement a “people’s procession”: sedans and SUVs drove through the city centre with the signs attached to the Windows and bumpers, on which was written: “trump lies, people die” and “trump virus”. Others required more PPE, such as masks and face shields for workers Essentials.

“One of the saddest things about this epidemic is that we die alone, and we can’t honor someone’s life the way we used to, said Jennifer Flynn Walker, senior Director for mobilization and protection of the Center for popular democracy. — We realized that we are not going to make just a car protest. We’re mad at trump, but basically we’re trying to save the lives of our neighbors and our friends.”

Inflatable chicken with a light hair, made in the image of the President, was spotted on one of the cars in the procession.

'Президент лжет, люди умирают': возле отеля Трампа в Вашингтоне разложили мешки для трупов

Photo: a video frame YouTube/Reuters

After driving around the White house, the car moved along Pennsylvania Avenue to the trump hotel, where several protesters stopped and pulled the bags with homemade “bodies” of their vehicles. They laid the bags on the sidewalk near the hotel.

Unlike typical rallies at which speakers address the crowd through a megaphone or the podium, activists listened to each other and tell their own stories through a call Zoom, which allows them to be connected, while remaining in their cars.

Several demonstrators brought their children and family.

Christine Mink, a high school teacher and longtime activist, most famous for his confrontation with the former Director of the Agency for environmental protection Scott Proetom, said her 4-year-old daughter that they participate in the parade.

“We’re almost a month at home, and it can seem very secluded. It is very difficult to get our voices heard so that they become tangible and physically filled the streets. To feel safe — said Mink. But the fact that I live in D.C., allows you to make a statement to the government. So that people was in the first place.”

Although the number of passers was limited, Flynn Walker said the group faced a man who shouted at them. According to her, most of the other — walking in the rain or rode in their cars with gestures expressed approval. Pedestrians wearing masks raised his fists up, drivers hooted.

“When the President is lying, people are literally dying, especially given his most recent advice is to drink disinfectant, or stabbing it, or anything else,’ said Flynn Walker. — Together with the HIV / AIDS epidemic, I learned that the virus can indeed be political. To repel means to allow people to die. This is the message we wanted to send.”

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • During a briefing at the White house about the coronavirus, which discussed the results of a new study about the benefits of sunlight and humidity to reduce the risk COVID-19, U.S. President Donald trump proposed to introduce disinfectants to patients infected with the coronavirus. “It would be interesting to check it out,” said the President.


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