The President of Belarus told how to survive the crisis

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko denies a possibility of occurrence of hunger in the country caused by the global economic crisis.

Президент Беларуси рассказал, как нужно переживать кризис

Appeal of the Belarusian leader to the nation, published by YouTube channel “ONT”.

Alexander Lukashenko denied the rumors about what caused the global pandemic coronavirus infection global financial crisis could lead the country to serious food shortages. The President asked citizens not to panic and keep composure, while the state will take care of that hunger never come.

The leader of Belarus said that even if the country run out of buckwheat, it will be possible to visit the porridge of millet. Lukashenka also spoke about what food includes his diet. According to the politician, on his Desk every week there are side dishes of rice, millet porridge and buckwheat. Alexander G. expressly stated that his fellow citizens will also stick to this diet, no hunger Belarus is not threatened. The politician forgot to mention that the country has rich reserves of potatoes, so in such circumstances, hunger can not appear.

Belarusians Alexander Lukashenko advised to focus on the work and to take an example from rural residents who do not pay attention to what is happening around and continue to engage in agriculture.

The President once again emphasized the fact that Belarus is not going to evacuate their citizens, which closures found in other countries. The politician believes that once these people ignored reports of an impending quarantine, the current situation must rely solely on their own strength.

In order to preserve the health, Alexander Lukashenko is often advised to wash their hands, walk in baths and for prevention occasionally drink vodka. The President believes that after Easter the universal incidence of coronavirus infection will go on recession, so Belarus needs to just “hang” until the great feast.

Alexander Lukashenko about the famine because of the coronavirus: