The President of FC “movement” called the referee of the match of the Ukrainian Cup a homosexual (video)

Президент ФК "Рух" обозвал арбитра матча на Кубок Украины гомосексуалистом (видео)

Gregory Kozlovsky

The President of Lviv “movement” Gregory Kozlovsky after the match 1/16 finals of the Cup of Ukraine against “Mariupol” (0:1) were extremely dissatisfied with the refereeing referees headed by Vladimir Krivushkin.

In particular, the surge of emotions aroused Kozlowski incident that happened in the 77th minute of the match, after which the referee sent just appeared on the field of player Ernest Antwi, showing a Ghanaian footballer a straight red card.

Note that a minute before this episode, the Azov opened the scoring in the match with a brilliant free kick scored by Sergey Gorbunov.

Rostrum immediately began chanting slogans about non-traditional sexual orientation of the judge, and Kozlovsky agree with them.

“You know, really want to show respect for the team, “Mariupol”. But the closer we get to the Premier League, the more I understand the comments of “Dynamo” about what “judging Donetsk” – quoted by Kozlowski to the club’s television after the match.

“Today, sorry, maybe I’m blunt – today, all the people who came, one voice shouted: “Judge, PED**AST”. You know me as President, it is difficult to accept, but really – PED**AST”.

“Look, maybe they think that people do not understand football, do not understand what the spirit of football, the game, celebration. All for the sake of the result? You know, the closer I get to the big leagues, the more I understand what “Donetsk judging.”

“Today, we first played with the team in the top League – that’s a good team, I respect “Mariupol”, but you heard people screaming. Someone not versed in football in this country? Or think you understand football in only the Donetsk team? We all see, all know. If so it will be in the top League – I think our League will be over in two or three years. Because with such judges and such work… You know, I already have two strikes against you already – let the third give. But I Express the opinion of the people. And as President, I could not agree with him. I absolutely agree,” concluded Kozlovsky.

The speech of Gregory Kozlovsky 2:12:20.