The President of France Emmanuel macron said that NATO ‘in a coma’ (PHOTO)

The head of France Emmanuel macron believes that NATO is in a coma due to the complete lack of coordination on strategic decisions between the United States and allies in NATO, particularly Turkey.

This statement macron made Thursday in an interview with the British magazine The Economist. Macron also said that it was necessary “to clarify, what are NATO’s strategic objectives”.

In addition, the French President said that Europe is “on the brink” and again called for “extension” of defense capabilities of the European countries.

In October, macron said that the events in North-East Syria during the Turkish military operation occurred due to the failure of the West and NATO, reports “Interfax”. He also stressed that European countries need a certain independence in the field of defence, in particular to respond to problems in the field of arms control in the world.

In the same month, the acting Prime Minister of Estonia, the Minister of internal Affairs of Mart Helme, said that the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria and the beginning of military operation of Turkey in North-Eastern Syria paralyzed the activities of NATO.