The President of “Ingulets” said that Ukrainian football has clubs that “live fire” (video)

Президент "Ингульца" заявил, что в украинском футболе есть клубы, которые "живут на контрабанде" (видео)

Alexander Povoroznyk

The President of the club of the First League – “the Ingulets” Alexander povoroznyk in the show “Scorer” spoke about the difference of financing the club and some other clubs in the Professional football League.

“Ingulets” is my baby. Sooner or later we will reach the level of “Dynamo” and “Shakhtar”. Poor soldier who does not want to become a General. We should go slowly but surely. We spend money on football earn these hands and these brains. We don’t steal. We are not like the PFL has clubs that smuggling live” – frankly admitted povoroznyk.

The President of “Ingulets” fears for the viability of some clubs.

“And today, God forbid, our President Zelensky close the border and all. What will happen to these clubs? And now their salaries are inflated, the mattress inflated.

I would like to say that this is not a “Meany”, that’s for sure. Respect for this football club. I wish they “cracked” Dynamo in the Cup semi-final and did what he did “Ingulets”. But they will still be second”, – is proud of the achievement of his club, his President.

We will remind, a year ago, “Makarov” in the semi-finals was won by Zorya (2:1) and reached the final of the tournament.

In addition, povoroznyk told how in “the movement” was interested in how white to pay players.

“Two weeks ago, Gregory (President of the “movement” Gregory Kozlovsky – approx. called me and asked how the salary is white to pay players to bookkeeping to show it.”