The President of the club Series And said that his club will not resume the championship matches, even under the threat of disqualification

Президент клуба Серии А заявил, что его клуб не возобновит матчи чемпионата, даже под угрозой дисквалификации

Massimo Cellino

Owner Brescia Massimo Cellino has opposed the resumption of the championship of Italy in late may.

“If the tournament will resume, I won’t let my club to play. This is not a provocation. Deprive us of points, if you like, the responsibility is entirely on me.

I see that now too many manifestations of selfishness, too many people trying to use the situation to their advantage”, – quotes Cellino Giornale di Brescia.

“Owner “Lazio” wants to continue the tournament? The cries of the donkey is not heard in heaven, as we say. I can listen to those who are worthy to be heard. I’m not sure Lotito is the club of Rome. He is only the Chairman of their Board of Directors.

The President of the Italian football Federation? Gravina let him speak less on TV and closely watching the financial situation in the clubs. And let him ride on to Brescia,” said Massimo, who not long ago was the owner of the club English championship – “Leeds United”.

“We don’t need charity. Even if we will fly into the Series, you will not go bankrupt and we’ll get again to Serie a,” said the owner of Brescia.

It should be noted at the time of a stop of the tournament “biancazzurri closes the standings of Serie A, scoring 16 points. To the saving of the 17-th line Brescia separated by 9 points. So, Cellino virtually no risk, making such a bold statement. One of her team, and in the Serie B.