The President of the FIA announced that the Federation had an informant inside Ferrari

Президент FIA объявил, что Федерация располагала информатором внутри "Феррари"

Jean Todt and former head of the “Scuderia” Maurizio Arrivabene

The President of the Federation International automobile (FIA) Jean Todt once again commented on the scandal around the investigation of the case about the legality of engines “Ferrari” model 2019. The functionary admitted that the FIA was inside the Italian team.

“Rivals Ferrari conceived the suspicion that the team can violate the rules. So, our experts had for months to follow the “Scuderia” to understand their actions something illegal. I must say that had on its staff a huge pressure to do as many tests as possible. We had an informant within the team. But we had to ensure that all teams operate according to the rules.

Overall, we wanted to understand the problem and have developed a very sophisticated way to resolve it. At the stage in Abu Dhabi we checked the car LeClair. The stewards decided that the issue with the fuel system was based on a human factor. We could stop there, but continued pressure for a full understanding of the situation.

When he came to his conclusions, in Ferrari objected and said that they did not violate regulations. I would have to go to court, and it is difficult to say what would be there decided. It could take years that would not be in the interests of our championship”, – quotes the Todt

We will remind, seven Formula 1 teams (Mercedes, Red bull, McLaren, Renault, “alpha Tauri”, “racing point” and “Williams”) was released in March to critical joint statement, which noted that he was shocked by the decision of the FIA regarding the motors Ferrari.