The press bus damaged the wing liberals (PHOTOS)

Автобус для прессы повредил крыло самолета либералов (ФОТО)

Wednesday night in Victoria the plane of the leader of the liberal party Justin Trudeau received minor injuries after the bus media drove under one of his wings.

The aircraft on Board of which was Trudeau, his team and a few journalists, have landed in the capital city of British Columbia, where the politician was going to spend the first day of the Federal election campaign.

Near the plane was parked a bus designed to transport journalists.

Departed from the plane, he drove under his wing, making a loud screech as the roof of the bus came into contact with the skin of the aircraft.

From Trudeau is scheduled for Thursday dense flight schedule with stops in Kamloops and Edmonton.

Press Secretary to Trudeau announced that the aircraft will be thoroughly examined, but at present the plans for Thursday remain the same.