The pressure changes: which product can create problems

It turns out that the habit every day there is a popular product can lead to serious consequences

A group of scientists from the UK and the USA have found that drinking large amounts of salt can be dangerous for people with high blood pressure.

Перепады давления: какой продукт может создать проблемы

It became known that scientists have identified a relationship between high blood pressure and use of large amounts of salt. They note that the blood pressure of the subjects was not normal, even if they often ate foods high in potassium and other beneficial for the cardiovascular system substances. In the end, the researchers came to the conclusion that every day should eat no more than six grams of salt.

As noted, the study was studied the diet of more than 4 thousand people aged 40 to 59 years.

Перепады давления: какой продукт может создать проблемы

In turn, heart disease tops the list of diseases that reduce the life expectancy of the population of the planet. The recommendations of doctors, almost always overlooked, or essentially ignore, and as a result are faced with disappointing diagnoses. Cardiologists identified five habits that can weaken the heart.

A sedentary lifestyle. This leads to obesity and poor circulation. Both affects the heart muscle, from which develop various diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Stored in the memory of resentment and negative emotions. Anyway, the stress and the negative lead to the deterioration of the heart, so you need to learn to forgive their abusers and not to dwell on the bad.

Nothing is done to stop snoring. The fact that snoring can cause to stop breathing during sleep, which can cause problems with blood pressure and consequently heart.

Insufficient consumption of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, greens, roots and so on. Science has proven that regular intake of 300-400 g of fresh gifts of nature improves heart function, blood composition, and improves the elasticity of blood vessels, whereby the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced by almost 50%.

Smoking and alcohol abuse. Bad habits poison the blood stream, because nicotine and alcohol are the most poisons. Smokers and alcoholics, as a rule, the life expectancy is much lower than those who did not smoke or drink.