The price of imported gas for Ukraine fell below $100

Цена на импортный газ для Украины упала ниже $100

Ukraine buys cheap gas

The price of imported gas for the previous month by 20% below April prices in dollar terms.

In may of this year the enterprises of Ukraine imported natural gas at an average price of $of 98.09 (2 631,68 thousand UAH) per 1 thousand cubic meters On the eve reported the Agency Interfax-Ukraine with reference to data of the Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture.

States that the price of gas imports for the last month is 20% lower prices APR-2020 in dollar terms. Then it was $122,55 (3 318,62 thousand UAH).

In may 2019 the import gas cost 215,2 USD per thousand cubic meters.

In turn, the Operator GTS of Ukraine reported that in recent days from Europe received almost 42 mencuba gas – about 37 million cubic meters from Slovakia and more than 5 million cubic meters from Poland. The CTA has added more than 70 mlnrub. m of gas. Total inventory now stands at 18.6 billion cubic meters.

Recall that in may the price of gas for Ukraine’s population fell by 21%, and YTD – 50%.

In Naftogaz believe that gas will continue to become cheaper and in the summer, and the fall will begin a price increase.