The price of motor fuel: gasoline and diesel fuel is cheaper, and the gas increasing in price

Цены на автомобильное топливо: бензин и ДТ дешевеют, а газ растет в цене

Today, June 17, the average price of LPG in Ukraine once again increased in recent days, while other types of fuel a little cheaper. This was reported by “Consulting group a-95”.

The average price of LPG increased by 6 kopecks and made up 11.29 UAH/liter. most of this type of fuel has risen in Chernivtsi (15 COP.) and Odessa (by 11 kopecks) regions. At the same time in the Lugansk region the price has not changed, and in the Dnipropetrovsk decreased by 7 kopecks.

The price of gasoline A-92 decreased by 2 kopecks. and is 20,86 UAH/l. While in the Donetsk region the price tag fell by 49 kopecks., and in Dnipropetrovsk — 10 kopecks., In most areas, the price has not changed or has even become higher.

2 kopecks in the price of lost gasoline A-95, its average value amounted to 21.91 UAH/L. in addition, almost the same situation with the prices in the Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk regions.

A-95 gasoline+ fell by 1 cent. and now stands at an average of 23.41 UAH/l. moreover, in almost all areas the average price has remained unchanged, falling only in Dnipropetrovsk at 22 kopecks.

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Diesel fuel price fell 1 COP and now is 21,36 UAH/l. While in the Donetsk region the price tag fell 13kop., Dnipropetrovsk — 10 kopecks. In the Kiev region the price was higher on 3 COP., and in the rest of the country has not changed.