The price of Russian Urals crude oil fell below $ 12

Russian grade of oil Urals in Northwest Europe fell by $5,92 — to $at 11.59 a barrel.

Цена российской нефти Urals упала ниже 12 долларов

It is reported by RBC, citing data from the Argus.

The price is determined on conditions of delivery cif (Cost, Insurance and Freight in the final price included the freight costs to the port of destination and insurance of the cargo assumed by the seller) in Rotterdam. Cheaper Russian oil cost 1 April $of 10.54 per barrel (cif Rotterdam), which was the lowest value since March 1999.

In terms of delivery in the Mediterranean, the Russian oil costs $of 12.09 per barrel, the price fell to $5,17. This was the lowest value since March 1999, when the price dropped to $11,74 per barrel.

On the morning of 22 April, strong fluctuations have been the price of oil standard grade Brent — it fell below $16 per barrel, returning to the values of 1999. In the twenty-first century its minimum price during the auction in London was recorded on 19 November 2001, $16,65.