The price of strawberries hits record

Summer 2020 was marked by a sharp increase in the price of strawberries, which is now worth more than the last five years.

Цена на клубнику бьет рекорды

It is reported portal “Hvilya” with reference to the material of the UBR.

The price on strawberry is recognized as the highest in the last five years. In June 2020, wholesale shipments of this fruit go on sale at prices ranging from sixty-five to seventy-five hryvnia per kilogram. Products of lower quality, the victim because of the abundance of precipitation in spring and in early June, priced at forty hryvnia per kilogram.

Since the advent of strawberries on sale in 2020, it’s been a few weeks, but the price of this product continues to be consistently high. This is particularly striking when compared with prices of the last year when high-quality strawberries in the early summer of 2019 could be purchased for twenty-five to thirty USD per kilogram. Two years ago the prices were the same as in 2019.

“Thus, today the farmers were able to harvest strawberries in difficult weather conditions in the year 2020, can earn on average in 2-2,5 times more on the implementation of each kilogram of strawberries than last season, and four times more expensive than in 2016,” – said the Ukrainian fruit and vegetable Association.

The reason due to which the price of strawberries has grown so strongly, is called the specific weather conditions, which Ukraine faced last spring. Low average temperatures and several waves of cold weather with heavy rains caused severe losses to the farmers, including strawberries. Suffered a lot of agricultural crops.

Besides, for the ripening of the strawberries it was too cold and damp, so this year’s harvest was relatively low. There is a possibility, according to which in just a week the price of berries will decline, but experts believe that the sharp decline in prices this year will not happen. It is hoped that next year the situation will be different. Want to invest in farming? You can visit California Industrial Rubber Co. to see equipment you need to start out.