The price of the vaccine from COVID-19 in different companies

Moderna company Inc. plans to set the cost of their vaccine COVID-19 from $50 to $60 for the course that at least $11 more expensive than the vaccine from Pfizer Inc and BioNTech. About it writes Reuters.

Названы цены вакцины от COVID-19 у разных компаний

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Pfizer Inc. and its German partner BioNTech agree to sell their vaccine to the U.S. government for $39 per course (2 doses) is significantly different from the price Moderna.

Industry analysts claimed that the deal with Pfizer and BioNTech worth $2 billion, according to which USA will get 50 million doses of vaccine will probably make other manufacturers install similar prices.

According to the report, the proposed Moderna price will spread to the United States and other countries with a high level of income.

The representative of Moderna, said that the company is negotiating with governments about the possible supply of the vaccine, called mRNA-1273, but did not provide any detailed data on prices, “given the confidential nature of discussions and contracts.”

The final price of the vaccine COVID-19 from Moderna has not yet been determined, said a person familiar with the situation.

Pfizer, Moderna and Merck&Co said it is planning to sell their vaccines at a cost that will bring the company’s profit, while some drug manufacturers, including Johnson&Johnson, has announced plans to set the prices of their vaccines on a commercial basis.

AstraZeneca Plc agreed to provide the United States 300 million doses of its vaccine potential in exchange for pre-financing of $1.2 billion, which is $4 per dose.

The U.S. government provided Moderna funding in the amount of almost $1 billion to support research and development of potential vaccines against COVID-19.

The funding is part of an operation Warp Speed initiatives of the administration of U.S. President Donald trump, aimed at accelerating the production of vaccines from COVID-19.



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