The priest dropped the Host on the floor. Then something extraordinary happened. Was it a miracle

The Warsaw Curia has a tough nut to crack.

 The priest dropped the host on the floor. Then something extraordinary happened. Was it a miracle

Was the red stain that appeared on the surface of the host during the Eucharist is it blood? Did a miracle take place in Dobre Zakątek in Konstancin-Jeziorna?

As reported by Interia, all the faithful and priests associated with the chapel of the Dobry Zakątek retreat house in Konstancin-Jeziorna are waiting, like on high heels, to learn whether the church institution would recognize the appearance of a blood-like stain on the host is real.

Was there blood on the wafer?

As it turns out, the director of the center decided to hand over the subject of the investigation to scientists. They are to use literary glass and an eye to determine whether the unknown, red spot on the wafer is blood, and if not what substance it is.

The institution of the Church, wishing to investigate a possible miracle, initiates the appropriate procedure according to which the host is placed in a special vasculum liturgical vessel and then poured over with water to dissolve.

As it turns out, according to the words of Father Bogusław Jankowski, after a week it turned out that the wafer did not completely dissolve, but only wet, and there is still a red stain on its surface.

As reported by the media, on October 10, the director of Dobre Zakątek gave the host particle to the Metropolitan Curia in Warsaw, where the procedure of confirming or denying the miracle by local scientists will be continued.

If this is confirmed, and in many places it has been confirmed, if the tests show that it was indeed a miracle, that it is indeed the same blood as on the Shroud of Turin, in Sok & oacute; łce, or Legnica, and if that would be the opinion of doctors, then it would be a great sign and a great help in strengthening our faith – admits the priest.

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