The priest explains the secrets of confession of grave sins. What is necessary during this sacrament

Father Sebastian Picur is very active on TikTok.

 The clergyman explains the secrets of confession of grave sins. What is necessary during this sacrament

He still takes up the challenges of Internet users and answers their sometimes difficult questions. They are also simpler and substantially related to the mechanism of Catholic practice.

This is a wonderful way to reach children and adolescents, as these groups are mostly the users of the TikTok social platform.

Is the amount of serious sins necessary in confession?

The young priest Sebastian has a huge audience on his profile, thanks to constant interaction with his observers and supporters. He answers their questions in short videos that are not boring and attract attention with their form.

This time, Father Sebastian Picur answered the TikTok user to the question: “When confessing, do I have to give the number of a grave sin, what if I do not know the exact number?”

This is quite an important issue in the process of the sacrament of confession, because according to the clergyman's answer, the necessity to specify the number of serious sins allows you to monitor the state of conscience of the person who confesses. If we do not know the exact number of grave sins, we should give an approximate amount according to Father Sebastian's instructions.

The fundamental list of activities that make up the & ldquo; serious matter & rdquo; there are Ten Commandments. But it would be impossible to list all combinations of activities in these ten categories. Nevertheless, we can reflect on the basic reason why something would be considered serious.

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Whenever we choose something radically contrary to God's goodness & ndash; such as murder, adultery, or an act inconsistent with the purity of conscience & ndash; we basically reject God's friendship, and it is a grave sin. We ourselves often feel in doubt whether we have committed a grave sin or not.