The priest of the Russian Orthodox Church proposed to replace the football with a trip to the temple

Священник из РПЦ предложил заменить футбол походом в храм

Recently, on one of the Russian TV channels Dmitry Smirnov, who is the head of the Patriarchal Commission of the ROC (Russian Orthodox Church) on the family of Archpriest, harshly criticized men who are addicted to watching football.

According to the priest, it is foolish to spend your life in “Spartak” or “Zenith”, which then stretches back and snack, a bath, fishing, alcohol, etc. “And it life or what? From Zenit to Spartak — said Smirnov.

With these words, the priest gave the answer to the question of TV viewer who told Dmitry about the problems with her husband. A woman reported that her husband suffers from alcoholism and is going to commit suicide. After hearing, Smirnov said only that the soul of her husband is hopeless and is in hell, the way he chose to drink heavily out of boredom. In conclusion, the priest advised as often as possible to visit the temple and in his spare time to reading religious literature.