The Prime Minister commented on mass closure of gambling

Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharuk said that a lot of work on the destruction of the legal machinations of the gambling industry, however, still a lot of work ahead.

Премьер-министр прокомментировал массовое закрытие игорного бизнеса

In his YouTube channel, Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk told about future gas tariffs for population of Ukraine, and also separately made the subject of gambling.

“We have taken in Parliament the decision to stop legal manipulations and break the law scheme, which was used until today games owners of slot machine halls. They were covered with the usual “lottery”, so “as usual” yesterday, the national police of Ukraine together with the State fiscal service began work on order of Ukrainian cities disappeared halls with slot machines,” — said the Prime Minister.

Goncharuk also boasted a performance of the first day of law enforcement agencies, who were instructed to conduct a hard audit of the gambling industry, which covers predstatelstvom state lottery.

“For the first day of the special operation of these two law enforcement agencies stopped the activities of more than five thousand slot halls in Ukraine. According to our calculations, they are much more than eight thousand. This means that a lot of work. So if you know about the existence of arcades, which is hidden and which is not noticed the law enforcement officers — intentionally or accidentally — notify us about it”, — summed up the head of the Cabinet.